About Me

Growing up in 80’s and early 90’s I’ve been fortunate to witness the birth and evolution of modern computers, video games, and technology as a whole. I spent most of my childhood playing both console and pc games and built my first computer sometime around 1994. That gives me nearly 30 years of pc building experience that I can pass along to you if you decided to contract a build with me. I’ve also spent over 20 years in full time, enterprise level IT and the past 10 years as a Cisco Certified Network Security Engineer.

Even now, I’m still an avid gamer and since 2020 also a Twitch Affiliate level streamer. Every Friday night from 8pm-11pm EST you can join my live gaming streams and watch my friends and I check out latest AAA titles as well as some little known indie games. We are always looking for new players to join with us too so if you’re interested please click the Discord link on the top menu to join my server.

As always if you have any question please drop me a line via social media or through my Contact form on this site.